"Organizations fall short of their potential by accident, but they become world-class on purpose. This is what I'm about - catalyzing change that realizes a company's full operating potential by transforming supply chains, organizations, processes and technology."

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Rethinking Supply Chain for a New Age
Chris Armbruster

As a new industrial revolution dawns, the meshing together of physical operations with new technologies is giving birth to Intelligent Digital Supply Chains. Organizations have moved past the hype, coming together to rethink everything in the context of this new age.  If you're a member of the Gartner community, be sure to join the Digital Supply Chains and IoT Special Interest Group I founded for supply chain leaders.

Digital Special Interest Group for Supply Chain Leaders

Framework for Planning Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain
Chris Armbruster

One of the questions that I am most frequently asked when advising supply chain leaders on digital transformation is "In this target-rich environment, where and how do I get started?"   I've assembled this framework to help answer that question and guide executives that are just beginning a digital journey. 

Framework for Assessing and Planning Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain

"Rethinking Business for eXponential Times"
Chris Armbruster

Organizations can no longer think of transformation in terms of projects, but need to be approaching it as a culture. In this talk, I explore how technology is accelerating past the pace of traditional organizations and what it means for the future of business. [ View on SlideShare ]  [ Join Discussion on LinkedIn ]

"Igniting a Revolution"
Chris Armbruster

Despite the stakes of transformation, organizations often struggle to realize the potential it promises. Here's my large-scale transformation guide for the disruptive and revolutionary times in which we work. Enclosed is a proven, workable approach for business leaders on the front lines of revolution. [ View on SlideShare ]

"Empowering Transformation"
Chris Armbruster

Here is my talk on making large-scale operations and supply chain adjustments in the wake of corporate restructuring. Included is a mini case study for the supply planning component of such a transformation completed within the Fortune 500. [ View on SlideShare ]

"Creating Flexibility"
Chris Armbruster

Modern trends can sometimes degrade value chain performance, but these unintentional side-effects can be countered by creating flexible supply chains. This is my talk on recovering lost performance and ultimately achieving an organization's full operating potential through flexibility. [ View on SlideShare ]

Manufacturing Leadership Award
Frost & Sullivan

This Manufacturing Leadership Awards Program recognizes companies and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. It was an honor to have my supply chain transformation work at Motorola recognized with a Leadership Award.

"Operational Transformation"
Industrial Manufacturing Forum

The presentation at OpenWorld in San Francisco spawned some invitations to share elsewhere.  I was invited to retell the story at the Industrial Manufacturing Forum in Chicago.  This includes much of the same content presented at OpenWorld and is included here as promised for downloading.  [ Download PDF ]

"Empowering Supply Chain Transformation"

This is the talk I gave at the Oracle's OpenWorld Conference.  While Oracle is a technology-focused company, my discussion is about creating breakthrough operating models through large-scale supply chain, organizational, process and technology transformation.  It is the synthesis of these four components that enables the realization of a company's full operating potential. [ Download PDF ]

"Mastering Supply Chain Strategies"

This is the talk I gave at the Supply Chain Best Practices Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It brings together many of the techniques available to supply chain professionals, connecting the dots between them, to create breakthrough operating models. Lean, demand analytics, outsourcing, multi-echelon inventory planning and trading partner collaboration are included in the discussion. [ Download PDF ]

"Managing Short-Lifecycle Technology Products" White Paper

This paper is the result of some of the operations research done in collaboration with Lehigh University. The objective was to identify and use "leading indicators" of market conditions in order to trigger long lead-time capacity adjustments within a product's short technology lifecycle. The findings, documented herein, are fascinating. [ Download PDF ]

"Inventory & Operations Planning"

I was invited to talk at the Gartner Dataquest Industry Update in Manhattan, New York. I discussed how inventory and operations planning was evolving as a result of the industry restructuring that took place after the dot-com implosion. The audience was a group of industry analysts and I was amazed at their level of interest and comprehension. [ Download PDF ]

"Demand-Focused Responsiveness" Best Practice Profile
Supply Chain Executive Board

This is a well-written summary from the Roundtable research of the Supply Chain Executive Board.  It profiles an end-to-end strategy that I led for optimizing the supply chain.  The methodology covered focuses on multi-partner collaboration and advanced analytics. [ Download PDF ]

"Pros to Know"
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Every year this magazine creates a "Who's Who" of leading supply chain executives.  It was an honor to be included for my work with multi-tier collaboration processes and just-in-time fulfillment methodologies that led to lower inventory, improved customer service and better cash flow. [ Download PDF ]

"Design for Uncertainty"

I gave this talk at the IBF Forecasting Best Practices Conference in New Orleans, Lousiana. The discussion provides a framework for aligning supply chain strategies to the specific nature of the uncertainty in industries that they supply. Included are some multi-tier collaboration processes that I piloted with EMS and channel partners. [ Download PDF ]

"Taking Charge"
Electronics Supply & Manufacturing

Shortly after Agere Systems was born through its spin-off from Lucent Technologies, the dot-com bubble burst, leading to the worst downturn in the history of the electronics industry.  This article highlights some of the supply chain work I did to turn things around at Agere Systems. [ Download PDF ]

"Academic Researchers Eye Supply Chain Management"
Semiconductor Manufacturing

This article discusses some of the operations research done in collaboration with Lehigh University's Center for Value Chain Reseach. Led by David Wu, we applied academic thinking to real world supply chain problems that led to breakthoughs in the way we ran our supply chain. [ Download PDF ]

"Driving Supply Chain Flexibility"

This is my talk on creating supply chain flexibility. Analytics, speed and network strategy are key enablers discussed. Flexibility should not be considered a strategy by itslef, but rather a component of a larger operating model that includes visibility and collaboration. I presented this at the Supply Chain World Conference in Chicago, Illinois. [ Download PDF ]

"Taking Performance Management Outside the Four Walls"
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

This article discusses the challenges inherent in horizontally integrated business models. It covers the work I did in the semiconductor industry to counter the unintentional side-effects of outsourcing and asset-light strategies. [ Download PDF ]

Inventory Planning Patent

I had the fortune of working with some great minds while at Agere Systems where we were absolutely obsessed with serving customers. We pioneered some innovative approaches to modeling demand volatility and planning multi-echelon inventory which led to breakthough improvements in delivery performance and ultimately filing for a U.S. patent.

"Optimizing Horizontal Supply Chains" White Paper

At the turn of the century, there was a big restructuring of the high technology industry that involved moving to outsourced business models, creating "horizontally integrated" supply chains. Since the operating models at that time were not designed for this paradigm, the supply chain performace suffered. This is my paper on reengineering operating models for asset-light supply chains. [ Download PDF ]

"Design for Evolution"

This is my talk on forward compatible design for the Internet. It includes design fundamentals that every developer should follow along with a case study on a supply chain analytics application that went through four stages of evolution. I presented it at "Web Week '98" in Long Branch, New Jersey. It was a very exciting time as the World Wide Web was just beginning to take off.  [ Document Checked Out ]
Internet of Things

Device Control Protocol (DCP) Specification

DCP is my protocol for integrating, monitoring and controlling devices attached to a network. I developed and published this comminications protocol specification to address the growing need to connect things other than computers to the Internet.  This enabled me to put my my furnace, lighting and toaster online using the protocol. [ View Specification ]

"Design for Evolution" White Paper

If you were on the Internet scene in the late 90's, this was known as "The Paper." It's my exploration of forward compatible design fundamentals for Internet developers.  The principles discussed allow the "new" to coexist with the "old" through negotiation and provisions for degrading gracefully as opposed to crashing miserably when new technologies are introduced. [ Download PDF ]

AT&T Quality Service Award

This was a prestigious award received for upgrading the "brain" in each of AT&T's 134 switching offices - 100% on time to an aggressive schedule. The 1B was replacing the 1A processor and involved retrofitting it in a live, fully operational 4ESS switch. The customer requirements were simple: “flawless execution with no interruption to service.”

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